Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Fee:

All cancellations are governed by the terms and conditions of the airlines booked for services. After confirmation, any cancellation of any component of your travel flight will incur a minimum of AUD 150.00 per person as a cancellation fee levied by P.S Khurana Ltd, a consolidator fee of AUD 22 plus any cancellation fee imposed by the airline. P.S Khurana cancellation fee/Consolidator fee may vary depending upon the airline, time & efforts spent in processing the refund application. Infant tickets are always non-refundable in all circumstances.

Domestic tickets and Tickets issued on Low-Cost carriers are non-refundable and non-changeable.

If the cancellation is due to the schedule change/flight cancellation by Airline, then a cancellation fee of AUD 75.00 per person/ticket is applicable plus any cancellation fee imposed by airlines P.S Khurana fee & Supplier charges may vary and increase up to AUD 300 depending upon the complexity of the ticket.