Civil Law

Civil disputes are private in nature. In these disputes, the parties have the litigation qua their rights to:

Property (movable and immovable):

  • (a) Urban: Commercial, Residential
  • (b) Rural: Agricultural, Village sites, Residential
Civil Law Mohali
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Why Choose Us For Civil Law?

Why is civil law important? In particular, civil law is about dispute resolution, ensuring disputes between individuals, legal persons do not escalate into a violent confrontation. It encourages cooperation between members of society, deterring exploitative behaviours, and unethical business practices.

       A civil lawyer, commonly known as a litigator, has a crucial role in handling civil suits without a criminal angle. A civil lawyer generally handles legal disputes concerning personal injury, family relationships, employment and real estate. They can also work with government entities and business institutions.

A civil lawyer works to settle his client’s grievance or claims through available legal means. They use all the available provisions of law to protect their client’s noncriminal legal disputes. In many civil cases, one party may claim ownership of a property they hold or seek compensation for perceived wrongdoing or damage to either their reputation or property. A civil lawyer can take noncriminal cases for disputes, such as defamation, right to education, property ownership, copyright infringements, divorce, custody of children and insurance claims.

Once a client approaches us with a dispute, we files a lawsuit for our client. Therefore, the work as a civil lawyer starts with the filing of a case and continues until a judgment is reached. In a civil case, judgments are typically monetary compensations or injunctions, more commonly known as a stay order. The civil lawyer’s role in a lawsuit ends when they have taken all the required steps to implement a favorable judgment. If our clients want to appeal an unfavorable judgment, we can also help us, clients, with this action

       Work with us, and you’ll work with seasoned professionals – vigilant of deadlines, and committed to exceeding client expectations.

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